15 July 2021

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Welcome to Cannes! We offer you this pack which will give you the first information you need to discover the city and its secrets … 2 choices are available to you: download the guide in PDF format or browse the site where you will find some Additional Information. It’s up to you !


Guide Here is a guide made by the city of Cannes. It is less personalized than ours but contains a lot of information CLIQUEZ Histoire de Cannes The city has a history, find out there! CLIQUEZ Transport You are looking for a way to get around Cannes, here is the link to the very complete [...]


Nothing beats a beautiful walk to discover the beauties of a region. Here are some ideas to delight you and stretch your legs.


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Our Version What we like to do the most in Cannes and surrandings Other Ideas   10 things to do Here is what the town hall offers, which we must recognize, know his city well CLIQUEZ 10 things to do Here is a version of a travel blog. The ideas overlap (fortunately) but we found the [...]

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